Excellent quality & realistic photo retouching service.

We can do anything to your image as you want. Edit the color or recolor it into something new, add advanced color filter, beautify the subject, add another subject or object, remove small to big object, modify the background, combine several photo into one, swapping subject body part from another images and much more cool tricks. Scroll down to learn more about our services. Photo Retouching Service is always be your best partner in your photography needs.


Easy process. Your photo editing or photo retouching need can be done just in front of your internet browser. No need to go anywhere, efficient.


Security is the most important things in payment process. We do not accept payment directly from our website. Debit or credit card payment will be processed via Paypal gateway. We also accept fund transfer via your Paypal balance too.
*) Wire transfer only available for Indonesia at this moment. We are so sorry for the inconvenence.


After you register your account, a personalized customer page will be created automatically for you. All your orders and images can be accessed through this special page. You can download your image file at any time or you can store it there.

You can also use this page to back up your photos if you want. We do not limit the number of images that you can store in your account.


Image Editing or Photo Retouching service usually has a subjective pricing for every order. We try to simplify it for you and make it easy to understand so you can estimate how much cost you need to fix your image problem with us. The final price will be calculated by us according to your order letter of course, but at least your estimation will not much different.

Below is our price list for every services that we provide:


Image Editing Service - Shaniba Creative Industry Professional Photo Retouching & Commercial Photography Service


Image Editing is our basic service, it will be applied on every order that you make and will become the base price of the service. Image Editing only focusing on general adjustment for your image without any alteration on image pixels. You can add an extra editing or more into your shopping cart if you need more editing output for your current image.

Tonal Range Enhancement, White Balance Correction, Light Balancing, Color Enhancing, Color Correction, Subject/Main Object Focusing, Simple Color Grading, You also get free optional services for your ima ge output like Simple Sharpening, Simple Noise Reduction**, Cropping or Ratio Changing***, Image Compression, and File Type Conversion. 


Editing Service
$ 2

*) General Image Editing services mean any kind of color adjustment that applied to overall image area. Specific area editing is not included in this package. You need to add Image Retouching as additional service to apply specific area adjustment to your image.
**) Noise Reduction has a good and bad effect to your image. It will reduce noise but also reduce your image detail. We balance this effect by default and make it look best for your image. But you can make different decision for noise reduction service
***) You can ask us to change your image ratio into another ratio (effective for social media post or header). But we change it by crop your image into smaller size. You can ask us to change ratio by extending your image part but you need to add Retouch Service to your order for this.


Image Retouching Service - Shaniba Creative Industry Professional Photo Retouching & Commercial Photography Service


Image or Photo Retouching is more advanced version of image editing. While editing just focusing on image color and brightness (in simple way), you can add, remove, or modify any pixel with photo retouching service. Do anything to your images as you want. Remove something or someone from your image, make your body slimmer, alter your body size or height, add cool image filter or effect, extend image background in advanced way, change specific object color, remove bad wrinkles on your clothes, and so on. Just explain your needs in the order form.


Tiny Area
+$ 0

Small Area
+$ 3

Medium Area
+$ 8

Full Area
+$ 12

Price determined by how much area on your images that need to be retouched. You can estimate which Image /  Photo Retouching Package that you need by yourself easily, just draw a 10 x 10 table blocks on your image based on its ratio. Each block will represent 1% of image area. Then you can count how many blocks are needed to retouch. Small Area for 6%-20% area of your image, Medium Area for 21%-40% area, and Full Area if you need to retouch more than 40% area of your image. If there are less than 5% area, you don't need to take any additional retouching service and its will be categorized as Tiny Area (5% or less)

Image Clipping Masking Service - Shaniba Creative Industry Professional Photo Retouching & Commercial Photography Service


Image Masking or Clipping Path is editing process that focus only on selecting the subject or object on an image. Selecting subject or object means that we separate it from the background so another service can be applied later, for example make your image has a transparent background or change it into another background color. Background changing to another solid color or gradient with up to 2 different colors will included in as free service in every masking package. If you want to change the background to more complex color or into another image, image retouching service will be applied as additional service.


+$ 0

+$ 1.5

+$ 3

+$ 7.5

Price determined by how much corner that your object/subject has. If your image object only has up to 10 sharp or round corners it will categorized as free additional service included in our Basic Service. 11 to 30 corners will categorized as Medium difficulty, 31 - 60 corners as Extra difficulty, more than 60 corners as Advanced difficulty.

Object or subject with hair, fur or other super detailed object will also categorized as Advanced difficulties

Image Compositing Service - Shaniba Creative Industry Professional Photo Retouching & Commercial Photography Service


Image Compositing combine several image into one final image. Compositing service will be needed if you need to add another people to your group photo, add a logo or painting to your object, swap body part with another image to make a perfect pose, add additional hair to your head, add sky to your landscape photo, and so on.

In our pricing system, compositing service is a combination of image / photo retouching and masking service. So there is no exact price for this service, it depend on how difficult is the masking process for additional image and how much area that need to be retouched to make those two or more images looks matching and realistic after combined. But to make a composite, we need another image to combine with your original one. There will no extra price if you provide additional images by yourself.

If you want us provide the additional images for you, there will be an extra charge applied per additional image needed. Why? Because not all image can be combined together, we need to take our time to search it for you. We always provide high quality royalty free photos, so don't worry.

Pricing/Additional Image

Self Provided Image
+$ 0

Image Provided by Us
+$ 7.5

Please notice, like we mentioned above: Not all images can be composited, at least images with same quality or same lighting direction are required for compositing. Generally, if there are 2 or more images with different quality, the final result quality may equal to the quality of the lower one. If there are 2 or more images with different lighting direction, the final result may looks fake and not realistic. But in some cases, those requirement can be ignored, it depend on your request for image final result.

For quality assurance of our work, we reserve the right to cancel or modify your compositing service order if your request is not possible to do by confirmation first.


Photographic & photo retouching skill are essentials for professional photographer, but retouching process is consuming so much time and make your time less efficient for another photo session. Just focus for your next photography concept and let us handle the post processing.

We will take reference from your previous photos or any image that you want, learn your image style and color, then apply it to your next images that you entrust to us. The best result and quality always be yours.


Need a good photo for simple catalog, website, or social media upload images? Cut your expenses by doing your own product photosession with company owned camera or even smartphone. Send your images to us to make it looks professional. We will edit it for you and no need to hire an expensive professional photographer unless you want a serious quality and concept.

Professional photographer for company advertising images is best option, but if your goals is quantity with quality for simple catalog or social media, the budget needed for professional photography service will not good for your company. Our photo retouching or editing service will be the best solution for you.


Are you the type of person who never wants to miss an important moment in your life? You always carry a pocket camera or be ready with a smartphone camera to take photos quickly. When you see the results of your camera on a laptop, sometimes you find some very good photos, you want to print the photo or display it on your social media, but the photo has many problems. Too dark, too bright, lots of disturbing objects, facial skin looks dull, and so on. You don't need to take special courses just to fix this problem.

If you are not a photographer with professional equipment, do not want to sacrifice time or money to learn photo retouching and editing techniques, but still want good and quality photos? We are the solution for you.


Just 5 simple steps to get high quality retouched images


Order & Upload

Make your order by filling in the online form available in your order page and then upload your images. You need to log in / register first in order to send us the order form.


Processing Images

We will process your photos and what according to the service you have chosen on the electronic form. Please be patient, basic editing service usually done in several hours, more complex order will need more time, 1-4 days of work.


Image Preview & Revision

You can see a preview* of the results of our work through your account page before approving the results. You can ask for one time revision** if there are something wrong in our work.



If you've already satisfied with our work, payment can be made with debit or credit card (via Paypal), Paypal Balance transfer, or wire transfer.


Download Images

After payment is received, you can download your image file through your account page. Easy!

*) For image editing without any additional services there will be one final image with low resolution and our watermark as preview before payment. If there are one or some additional service added to your order form (photo retouching, image masking, or composite), you will get a half finished low resolution image with our watermark for preview.

**) Every order that you've made including one time free revision. If you need more than one time revision there will be some extra charge applied.


Had some or large amount of photos that need similar services? A special discount will be applied to your final price for those photos. 

Terms & conditions apply. 


Our editing or retouch result is not good for you? Just don't make any payment after seeing preview images and we will cancel your order after several days 🙂

Register Now!!! As our new beloved customer, you can try our service two times (two images) for any package* that you need and of course for free. So, what are you waiting for 🙂

*) This free trial does not apply to Compositing Service.


More about our pricing. This is how our pricing works, you can see some real example as well.

This is a headshot image, high end photo retouching will be the best option for it. The goals is to softening her skin, brighten her eyes, remove unnecessary object and also annoying hair strands, remove eye bags, make her eyes glow, but keep her skin texture detail.

Image Editing only will not provide enough adjustment for this image to meet its best looks, need extra Photo Retouching Service to finish this photograph. Image / Photo Retouching Service price determined by the area that need to be retouched, there are no problems found on the background, retouching process only needed on subject's face and skin. The Extra Photo Retouching service affect 47% area of this image, so our service price for this image calculated as follow:

Image Editing ($2) + Full Area Image Retouching ($12)
$ 14

This portrait focusing on her eyes, so the main objective is make her left eye as good as possible. We softening her skin, removing yellow color cast that came from sun ray, doing high end photo retouching on her face, and draw some additional hairs to cover her right eye (for better focus to her left eye).

Image Editing will handle the yellow color cast, shadow, highlight, and global brightening on the photo. To fix her left eye, add some hair patches, and skin softening we will need extra photo retouching service and these happening on 62% area of the image. Service price calculation for this image is as follow:

Image Editing ($2) + Full Area Image Retouching ($12)
$ 14

This watch image has some serious problem. Foggy glass, annoying reflection, dents, scratches and so on. Its condition is not on its best when the photo session happening. Need so many adjustment to make it better. Perfect image can't be obtained due lack of original photo quality but we still can make it better and usable for simple product catalog or website need.

We can fix the light, enhance background color and detail with Image Editing service. Reflection, foggy glass, dents, and other product appearance problem will be fixed with additional photo retouching service. Retouching service will be applied on 31% of image area. Service price calculation is as follows:

Image Editing ($2) + Medium Area Image Retouching ($8)
$ 10

This image was made by combining two images. The subject's image should be masked first, it was medium difficulty masking so we will need an Extra Image Masking package. Image Editing needed to match these two images after combined, then Photo Retouching Service to soften subjects skin, add some recolor process, and enhance it's depth of field so it will looks more realistic. Retouching applied to 32% area of the image.

Our client also want her photo to get two additional output, a black and white version and a color graded one like classic action movies. So, the service price is calculated as follows:

Image Editing ($2)* + 2 x Extra Image Editing (2 x $2)** + Extra Image Masking ($3) + Medium Area Image Retouching ($8)
$ 17

*) There are 2 images, but Editing service only applied after those two images are already combined. Counted as 1x editing service only.
**) There are 2 more separate Editing Service price for each one of two another color output (Color Graded & High Quality B/W).

This photo will be used for a product catalog. This picture taken just by simple photography equipment and it need to be edited to a white background version. Our clients want us to remove the mannequin so their product will looks floating. They want a burgundy colored version of this product as well.

This undershirt is attached to a mannequin, so its shape included as medium difficulty for image masking service. Extra Masking service will be applied to this image. The second image (provided by the client) or Its back version also included as medium difficulty but we only do a simple cut to small portion of it, so we only apply Simple Masking service for this image. Background changing to another solid color is included in every masking service package, so there will no any extra charge. Image Editing will be applied to combined image for color matching etc. Photo Retouching Service also will be applied to remove annoying wrinkles and fix every problem happening on the edge, it will affect 33% area of the image. Custom Color Grading will be applied at last to make the burgundy colored version. Here's the service price calculation:

Image Editing ($2) + Extra Masking ($3) + Simple Masking ($0) + Medium Area Image Retouching ($8) + Extra Editing ($2)
$ 15

This is an output of a food photography on its last session. Has so many serious problem that need to be retouched.

Most of adjustment that applied to this image is photo retouching. We need to patch some holes that exist on the beef curry surface to make it look fuller. There are so much curry sauce splatter on the rice, another patches will be needed to clean the rice. The edges of the food should be fixed to make it rounder and balanced. The plate should be cleaned and extra oil splatter should be removed. There also so many unnecessary objects exist on the image. This retouching process applied on 38% area of the image.

Editing service will applied for finishing process to enhance the focus to the food and remove wrong color cast. It was a lot of adjustment and patches, but they are already covered all in Medium Area Retouching service. Here's the calculation for the service price:

Image Editing ($2) +  Medium Area Image Retouching ($8)
$ 10

This image focused on the two subjects, a toddler and his grandfather that hand a toy to him. The photograph has been taken with a camera and a flash accessory. Looks like the photographer add an orange gel to his flash so it cast so much orange light to the subjects. The image also has so many people that will interfere viewer focus to its main subjects. Our client wanted to remove all the peoples except the main subjects.

Need a detailed photo retouching process to remove all unwanted people, but it only affect 24% of total area on the image. Yellow color cast that on the main subjects can be removed just by standard image editing. So, the service price is calculated as follow:

Image Editing ($2) +  Medium Area Image Retouching ($8)
$ 10


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