Excellent quality & realistic photo retouching service.

We can do almost anything to your digital photos as you want no matter they’re a portrait, product, architecture, or even scanned picture. Edit the color or recolor it into something new, add custom color grading, enhance subjects appearance, add another subject or object to the main image, remove small to big object, modify image background, combine several photo into one, swapping subject body part from another images and much more.


Photographic & photo retouching skill are essentials for professional photographer, but retouching process is consuming so much time and make your time less efficient for another photo session. Just focus for your next photography concept and let us handle the post processing.

We will take reference from your previous photos or any image that you want, learn your image style and color, then apply it to your next images that you entrust to us. The best result and quality always be yours.


Need a good photo for simple catalog, website, or social media content? Cut your expenses by doing your own product photosession with company-owned camera or even smartphone. Send your images to us to make it looks more professional. We will edit it for you and no need to hire an expensive professional photographer unless you want a serious quality and concept.

Professional photographer for company advertising images is the best option, but if your goal is quantity with quality for simple catalog or social media, the budget needed for professional photography service will not good for your company. Our photo retouching or editing service will be the best solution for you.


Are you the type of person who never wants to miss an important moment in your life? You always carry a pocket camera or be ready with a smartphone camera to take photos quickly. When you see the results of your camera on a laptop, sometimes you find some very good photos, you want to print the photo or display it on your social media, but the photo has many problems. Too dark, too bright, lots of disturbing objects, facial skin looks dull, and so on. You don’t need to take special courses just to fix this problem.

If you are not a photographer with professional equipment, do not want to sacrifice time or money to learn photo retouching and editing techniques, but still wanted a good and quality photos? We are the solution for you.


Image Retouching Service - Shaniba Creative Industry Professional Photo Retouching & Commercial Photography Service


Do any kind of modification to your photo based on how much area that need to be modified. The modifying type will consist of subject/object reshaping, color swapping, erasing, patching, and background extending. Standard Retouching service will only use Photoshop Standard tools and every manual and detailed artistic process like drawing, advanced recoloring, dodging, burning, etc are excluded from this standard service. More efficient and cheaper method but has limitation for some case. Meanwhile, Pro Retouching service will include all kind of photoshop retouching technique available to attain the retouch goal.




$ 2
Up to 20% of image area

$ 4
Up to 20% of image area

$ 4
For 21% to 40% of image area

$ 8
For 21% to 40% of image area

$ 7
For 41% to 60% of image area

$ 12
For 41% to 60% of image area

$ 10
For more than 60% of image area

$ 18
For more than 60% of image area

Service price is determined by how much area on your images that need to be retouched. You can estimate it by yourself easily, just draw a 10 x 10 table blocks on your image. Each block will represent 1% of image area. Then you can count how many blocks are needed to retouch.


Image Clipping Masking Service - Shaniba Creative Industry Professional Photo Retouching & Commercial Photography Service


Image Masking or Clipping Path is editing process that focus only on selecting the subject or object on an image. Selecting subject or object means that we separate it from the background so another service can be applied later, for example make your image has a transparent background or change it into another background color. Background changing to another solid color or gradient with up to 2 different colors will included in as free service in every masking package. If you want to change the background to more complex color or into another image, image retouching service will be applied as additional service.


$ 2
Any simple object

$ 2.5
Object with many corner or simple compound object

$ 3
Object with fur, hair, grass, or any similar complex edge part

$ 5
Complex hair, fence, net, or any object with super complex edge inside and outside


Image Compositing Service - Shaniba Creative Industry Professional Photo Retouching & Commercial Photography Service


Image compositing service focuses on making a brand new image using any kind of retouching and drawing techniques. While image retouching is started on a troubled image as its canvas, image compositing is started on a blank one. The goal of image compositing service is making a new image based on your concept then make it as artistic as possible.


Basic Service
$ 20
Up to 3 images

+$ 2.5
Per additional image (self provided)

+$ 3.5
Per every image provided by us


Image Restoration Service - Shaniba Creative Industry Professional Photo Retouching & Commercial Photography Service


Heal any broken old photo and make it looks like a new one. In most of the case, Image Restoration service is needed for any printed photo that already losing its color, torn, or any problem happening because of archiving for too long. Got a good photoshoot but you accidentally capture it with grayscale color mode? This service is also good for you.

A good and detailed instruction from you is needed so much for this restoration service. If there is not enough information provided to us, we will work on your photo by our own analytics and guessing.


$ 25


*) Please notice, not all images can be composited, at least image with same lighting direction and captured with same angle are required for compositing. Generally, If there are 2 or more images with different lighting direction, the final result may look fake and not realistic. Meanwhile, if they are captured in different angle the final result will also look fake. But in some cases, those requirements can be ignored, it depends on your request for image final result. For quality assurance of our work, we reserve the right to cancel or modify your compositing service order if your request is not possible to do by confirmation first.


Order & Upload

Make your order by filling the instruction and billing form then upload your image(s).

Calculation & Payment

Our team will check your order info then make the price calculation then send the billing to you.

Processing Image(s)

As payment has been made, we process your order immediately and put a preview image in your account folder. In this process, you can ask for revision or refund if our work doesn’t meet your expectation.

Download Image(s)

Already satisfied? Just click the confirmation link then we finalize the order for you and your image(s) will be ready in your account folder shortly. You can download it anytime.


Easy process. Your photo editing or photo retouching need can be done just in front of your internet browser. No need to go anywhere, efficient.


Security is the most important things in payment process. We do not accept payment directly from our website. Debit or credit card payment will be processed via Paypal gateway. We also accept fund transfer via your Paypal balance too.
*) Wire transfer only available for Indonesia at this moment. We are so sorry for the inconvenence.


After you register your account, a personalized customer page will be created automatically for you. All your orders and images can be accessed through this special page. You can download your image file at any time or you can store it there.

You can also use this page to back up your photos if you want. We do not limit the number of images that you can store in your account.


Image Editing or Photo Retouching service usually has a subjective pricing for every order. We try to simplify it for you and make it easy to understand so you can estimate how much cost you need to fix your image problem with us. The final price will be calculated by us according to your order letter of course, but at least your estimation will not much different.

Below is our price list for every services that we provide:


Had some or large amount of photos that need similar services? A special discount will be applied to your final price for those photos. 


Not satisfied with the result? Don’t hesitate to ask us for a revision service. No limit, as long as your order status is not set as Complete* yet. If several revisions service is not enough to make you happy, we can refund your money back.

*) An order will be stated as “Complete” when you’ve already receive the finished file for your order.

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